luni, 4 iunie 2007

Ce zice Armand Assante, in Jurnalul National

AA: The neo-realism cinema of the '60s and '70 was so successful in Italy because people were talking about their real problems. Those were real to them. What goes on in Romania, now, seems to be similar. The Italians were after the war, you are after [Nicolae] Ceausescu's dictatorship. It is for the first time when the young generation takes over the initiative and tells what it has to say. This is what both movies did, and they both won. This makes me thing that the next wave of successful movies will come from this part of the world, from Eastern Europe. I believe these two films will promote Romania's film industry.
(e vorba de California Dreaming si de 4 luni, 3 saptamani, 2 zile)

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